UK General Election Results

The Conservative party has secured a majority in the United Kingdom’s General Election and now claim to have the mandate to “get Brexit done” as they promised in their campaign. Volt is concerned that this will prove harder than it was advertised to be and will have negative consequences for the residents of the United Kingdom and the EU, with a No Deal Brexit now more likely.

At Volt, we believe in cooperation and will hence push for the closest possible relationship between UK and the EU in any scenario, while still fighting for the UK to remain in the EU at every opportunity.

Further, this election has again proven that the British Voting system is dysfunctional since in any constituency only the candidate with the most votes can be elected Member of Parliament while all other votes are essentially “useless”. Voters are forced to elect politicians that often do not represent them, instead having to vote for whom they dislike the least. This leaves us with political parties that do not truly represent the opinions of voters and small/new parties that do never stand a chance.

Volt therefore strongly advocates for electoral reform in the United Kingdom, away from “first past the post” and towards a representative electoral system with national or regional lists that better represents the diversity of citizen’s opinions.