European voters elected Damian Boeselager into the European Parliament!

This is a historic moment for us. A parliamentarian from a truly pan-European party has been elected to represent European citizens. Today, we have proven that there is another way of successfully doing politics, a pan-european way. With 1 MEP elected, we will be able to champion policies based on the best interest of all European citizens, instead of individual member states. Follow Damian on his own website!


Today’s results have been a real/undisputable/incredible success. Relying on grassroots funding and no known names, we achieved the unimaginable and ran a unified political campaign in eight member states. We connected people, empowered communities and enabled them to change their future and Europe.” Johannes Veerkamp, Volt Europa’s Campaign Lead.


I feel excited for what’s to come, prepared to overcome what lies ahead, and mostly extremely thankful for those who have given us their trust and support. We won’t let far-right party voices drown out those that have brought our continent peace and prosperity.” said Damian Boeselager, Member of the European Parliament.


This campaign has exceeded our wildest dreams. Over the last six months our members, volunteers and subscribers grew by more than 250%. Volt’s communities have multiplied across 333 cities in the Union, and we have been featured in countless media outlets across members states. With over 400k votes for a democratic and integrated Europe from 8 different countries. Volt has shed light on what a positive, unified and citizen-driven European future will look like.


Damian, as Volt MEP, will now represent Europeans in Brussels. He will represent our wish for a stronger and united Europe. But things do not end here. This experience and our vision for Europe has set Volt to become a prominent political player in the years to come. We have organised around our European identity and have empowered communities to take an active role in politics. We are ready to keep working for Europe, and run in local, regional and national elections. We will continue to challenge traditional politics, and bring to our societies a people-powered, progressive and pan-european way of doing politics. Through our campaigns, community work and civic actions, Volt will further empower people to claim their voice in politics. We will build a European democracy fit for the 21st century. We are here to stay, and reshape politics.