Data Analytics Co-lead

We are looking for a male and a female co-lead.

Key Facts

The position

The EUR Data Analytics team is at the core of the efforts of Volt being an evidence-based organization. It utilizes the methodological skills of its members to conduct empirical studies, and creates analytical pipelines to enhance the capability of Volt to shape the political discourse in Europe. The Co-Leads of the EUR Data Analytics team will oversee and coordinate the activities of their team.

Key responsibilities & duties

The activities of the EUR Data Analytics team range from such diverse topics as social media analyses over the design of statistical tools for the prediction of Volt’s electoral success to the analyses of Volt’s member-base and Volt’s internal communications. The team coordinates and aligns on these activities with the national D&A teams. The work of the EUR Data Analytics team involves a diverse set of stakeholders from the local level to the European level, as well as cooperating closely with various functional teams (especially comms and tech). 

Our current workstreams are:

Tasks and Competencies


Must have:
- Project management, Organizational skills
- Communication skills, fluent English
- Experience in conducting empirical research
- Analytical mindset

Optional: Experience in teaching


Please send an email to with your CV, motivation letter (maximum one page) and a video where you introduce yourself and tell what you would like to achieve in this role.